Ok so right off the bat, TOLNG is a stupid acronym for this site (The Other Late Night Guy), probably will never call it that again. But there have been some changes around here so I just thought I’d take this lull in postings to let you know how things are going. Weekly Videos So […]


LOS ANGELES- The hype around the arrival of the seventh installation of the Star Wars franchise peaked earlier this week with John Williams’ admission that the new score will prominently feature kazoos. “If you play them really loud they tickle your lips, how great is that?” Williams responded when he was asked how he came […]


Late last, night Officer Tom Daniels reported to a call for a vehicle, an expensive sports car, that was broken down on the highway. It would’ve been a routine call were it not for one crucial difference: the driver of the vehicle was black. This concerned Daniels’ commanding officer, Sergeant Barnum, greatly, “I told Tom […]

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“You know its just so sad to see him go,” Said Mike Wallace, 42, after skimming through another article about David Letterman’s retirement. “I admit I haven’t really watched his show recently, but I used to when I was in college. Sometimes, I don’t know, it was on really late, and I drank a lot […]

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That opening line might be the best one I’ve ever heard, “You know, when I take a look at each piece individually, I like it. Then when I take a step back, I feel like something’s missing.” Boom. See, in late night TV, we got ourselves a bit of an issue in that it’s pretty much […]


Yea, crazy right? How’s that for a clickbait-y headline. It was that or, “NBC liked Mike for one reason, you’ll never guess what it is.” Anyway, some context for all this. Each January, NBC does this super cool program called the “Late Night Writers Workshop” and I applied for it. You have to submit a […]

Ch 404 Still

Boom. With that little video I finally got off my duff and started a youtube channel. These are exciting times people. Now look, I know that that video isn’t going to win me an Emmy. I mean, I messed up the green screen and only got one take because my audio broke. But, I’m still […]


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