Mike Cronin: NPH Survivor

Neil Patrick Harris is a wonderful man, why we decided to turn him into a demon on Purchase Late Night is something I will have to answer for someday. To be fair, we are not saying that the man himself is haunted, just his cardboard cutout. See, The Indy, has an office with a big window in it, to and give themselves some privacy, they like to cover it up with things. The most recent of these blockades has been a large cutout of Neil Patrick Harris. Kooky choice, but hey it’s college, we’re all about the kook.

Thing is he’s not by the window, he is right freaking on it. If you’re walking by the office and you aren’t paying attention, it seems as though a large man suddenly appears and he is staring right at you. After a moment you realize it’s just a cardboard NPH, you calm down and laugh to yourself and continue on your way. But for a moment there was sheer terror eclipsing your heart and it was caused by Neil Patrick Harris and his smirkiest of smirks. It was in this moment that NPH Activity was born.

The premise was as simple as it was weird: The NPH cutout is so scary because it is haunted, and the curse is activated when he is removed from the office. At first I was worried about the relatability of the sketch, was it too weird? One does not take the name of NPH in vain lightly. However, I was assured the premise was solid when I took the cutout home to start filming. I was stopped by literally everyone I saw, all of whom congratulated me on finally getting rid of the terrifying visage of NPH (when I told one of girls it was just for the weekend and not permanent, she offered me money to make it a permanent removal). It was safe to say that there would be absolutely no trouble relating to the idea that the NPH cutout was capable of murder. I finished the sketch that night, having NPH there definitely helped set the mood.

Overall, I’m pleased with how the video turned out. One of our biggest issues is video quality, since lighting is the royalist of bitches, but with this video it wasn’t really a problem. The Paranormal Activity genre relies on the “found footage” style, also known as the “we have no budget” style, and in fact many of the shots in the new film are supposed to be from webcams. So, I shot this one on my laptop, and it turned out to be just the right grainy quality. The other shots that are flashbacks (we had to include a mirror cliche shot) are done on another camera, but I specifically kept the poor lighting to stick with the theme.

Watch the video for yourself, how do you think I did?

As for the rest of the show, it all went smoothly.We had a great audience and our special guests this week all did excellent. But they also posed an interesting challenge for me as well. Matteo and Arden, came on to talk about an upcoming production of Breath, Boom. This particular show, however, is mind numbingly depressing. It was very difficult to try and keep the conversation light, while at the same time not downplaying a very serious piece of art. The best I could do was try and expand on the comedic ideas around the show (for instance, it was altered to include random musical numbers), and extrapolate certain themes to absurdity (for instance, the inclusion of real fireworks, as opposed to just sound effects). It was definitely a real teaching moment though, since the best option would have been to simply talk about the show for a moment, and then move on to some other activity. This is exactly why Jimmy Fallon always plays games during the second segment of the interviews. Even if the project is fabulous, it’s still more entertaining to see everyone get up and move. We also had another standup, Sophie B, who was fabulous, and really it was just a fun segment to watch, in fact why dont you?

It was a good show and a fun week. While my interview skills leave a lot to be desired, but the comedy segment is really starting to become a truly viable piece of entertainment. Purchase late Night is really getting there, and to prove it, here I am with Neil Patrick Harris on the cover of the indy #IsThisTheRealLife #Honor


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  1. I was writing this article while listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33q8-xunSzA
    No one said these songs were always going to correlate.

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