Mike Cronin: The Worst Blogger Ever

Ok internet, I must apologize, I’m a shitty blogger…a shlogger, if you will. But you know what is going to get me to do it again? The same thing that dragged me kicking and screaming to it in the first place: a homework assignment. Long story short, we had to make some cool little slideshows for class, and being that I have literally nothing else going on in my life besides late night, I made some snazzy vids (is that still hip? I feel like it is, I’m gonna keep it in ((That’s what she said)) ) of Late Night! So here for your viewing pleasure, my animoto videos! I honestly like the second one, with the presents, I think I might make another just for fun using it.

Vid Number One: Come To Our Live Shows! 

Vid Number Two: Presents For You! 

It’s a cute app, I can see this getting big on the Pintrest market; It seems tailored to pictures of cakes and cats wearing knitted things that are clearly meant for people. But listen, I actually need to start blogging again, looking back it was a great way to keep track of what was going on with the show, like a time capsule. So I bet if you stick around, you’ll get a little catch up post, a Ketchupost if you will. See what I did there? Clever right? Anyway, I promise I will start up my illustrious blogging career again, clearly you have all been on pins and needles awaiting my return.

You can stop sleeping here, FOR I HAVE RETURNED


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