Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stand Up Journey: Surviving the Apollo

Mike Cronin did his first stand up set. For real this time. I can now officially say that I have performed stand up comedy. Which is so unbelievably cool, the 12 year old me is just freaking right the hell out on the inside. I did my first stand up gig, and I survived Purchase’s […]

Stand Up Journey: Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Mike Cronin has done his first open mic…sort of.  While the flyer may have said “open mic” they were slightly off, really this was an “Open Audition” which if you’ve ever had to do an audition is a bit of a different animal. Because now, you aren’t facing a crowd out to have some free entertainment, you’re […]

Stand Up Journey: The Beginning

Mike Cronin has returned…again. Well, it’s been a while since I blogged about myself like the egomaniacal maniac that I am, but that is all about to change. And I’m being super serial this time, not like the other time when I said I would start again. Or the first time when I said I […]