Stand Up Journey: The Beginning

Mike Cronin has returned…again.

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged about myself like the egomaniacal maniac that I am, but that is all about to change. And I’m being super serial this time, not like the other time when I said I would start again. Or the first time when I said I would blog period. Those times can shove it.

   A visual depiction of how I feel about all those times.

This time is different because this time I’m being graded. I’m doing an independent study on stand up comedy and my attempts at it. Yes, I will be embarking on the noble path of social commentary, classic word play, and dick jokes. But, I wont just be talking about my own stand up, I’ll also be profiling New York club venues, as well as some of my favorite performers on a weekly basis. Honestly, I can’t believe this counts as school, I mean Youtube is considered course material.

 My parents made a poor investment with my education.

If you’re a fan of stand up, stay tuned! I want to know how I do, both as a performer and as a researcher. If I talk about a comedian and don’t post one of their greatest sets or something, tell me. I’m doing this because I want to learn more, so I openly admit that I won’t ever nail everything perfectly. For instance, if you feel like recommending some performers or places to check out in the comments below, just do it. But I have to go now, I’m off to my first open mic night. And I have a feeling it will go as well as you’d expect one’s first gig to go.


                              That is to say, not well.

You know what though? That’s ok. I am terrified of bombing, but I refuse to let that stop me. Everybody bombs when they  first start, it’s just how learning a new skill goes. So I say, let those bombs fall.

Mike Cronin is officially getting into stand up.




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