Stand Up Journey: The End

I am officially the worst blogger ever.

OK, second worst.

I started this blog because I was going to share with everyone about my stand up journey. For a time things were good, I posted some performances and all were merry. But then I started taking a class and for some reason things stopped. Seemed a bit counter intuitive, huh? Especially since, as I said, this blog is graded for school. You know, that thing I’m paying thousands of dollars to attend.

This is not my shining moment.

And it took me a while to figure out what the hell I was doing. I had some blogs all written out and then just straight up didn’t post them. Why? Because of the reason I was taking this class: to fail. The class wasn’t like we would all sit down and write on assignment, or discuss the theory of jokes, no this was straight up do 5 minutes and see how it goes. The wonderful thing was, this was an audience that isn’t like an open mic, they were all actually really helpful and supportive.

Not that regular stand up crowds aren’t supportive.

That’s the thing. I was doing material that was not show ready because I could. They were practice bits, experiments, things I thought would fail 90% of the time, but I needed to. It’s crucial to see what works and what doesn’t, and instead of doing it in front of very drunk, disenfranchised New Yorkers, I got a team of comedians who are in the same stage as me. No one is going to be a dick because that wouldn’t help the group.

Though, there was a guy who only talked about vaginas. You think I’m kidding, but this guy committed to that premise.

Presenting material like that to comedians is fine, but what I don’t do is present unfinished material to an actual audience. I realized my laziness was in part because I didn’t want to talk to people and post videos of sub par material. It was sort of killing me. I actually had anxiety about the damn posts because it was material I had written with a good chunk of my mind saying “Yea, I’m cool with this failing.”

A shockingly common mindset.

It wasn’t prepared for regular people who just wanted some comedy, it was designed for my fellow comedians to help me workshop. But there’s a silver lining, after all those classes, I feel ready for my final performance AT THE GOTHAM COMEDY CLUB! I get five minutes at the graduation show, and you guys can even come. Seriously, you guys should come…I need people to show up for me. It’s June 3rd at 7:00PM and here’s the info from an email:

 call for reservations at least two weeks in advance. Call 212-367-9000. When making reservations, they must give the following information:

                1. DATE    2. SHOWTIME    3. YOUR NAME (They mean my name, say Mike Cronin please.)

It is a $12 cover and a 2 drink minimum (can be non alcoholic, this isn’t 21+).

Gotham is located at 208 West 23rd St. (Between 7th and 8th).

If you want to see me actually do stand up this is the outlet to see. I might blog about it later, but as we’ve seen I’m downright terrible at blogging. And on that note actually, a big thank you to my teacher who’s been supervising me this whole time, and being really supportive of the idea of me taking on stand up in the first place. As a student chasing a dream, we need more teachers who are willing to believe in their students and helping them succeed.

She’s like a real life Miss Frizzle, if Miss Frizzle was Jewish and from New York.


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