Back From The Dead

Things have changed since last we spoke. I graduated from school, handed off Purchase Late Night to the next generation, and I finally read 50 Shades of Grey.


I thought it was a book about ties. I was misled.

Anyway, I live in New York now and things have been going well. But recently, I’ve felt that I’m missing a certain something from my life. I find myself looking at desks and wondering what I would look like sitting behind them. I drink actual drinks from mugs, instead of just pretending to, like I used to on television. I look up at the moon at night and think, “I used to make dick jokes at this hour.”


Then I picture this and laugh a little too hard for my age.

That’s where this blog comes in. Basically, I’m going to post working versions of bits here, either in script, picture, or video form. There may be some full on sketches, but for the most part it’ll be comedy on a smaller scale.


Aim low kids.

There could also be some other stuff going on too. There might be news and clips from the latest happenings in late night, maybe some interviews with local comedians, who knows, there may even be links to a podcast at some point. Everyone else is in one, so why not?

I don’t really know what this blog will turn into, but I just know I have to get started or I’m going to go crazy. Seriously, my girlfriend caught me talking to an alley cat about its most recent project.

52 Alley-cat

He was less than pleased with my questions.

So, won’t you join me on this wonderful adventure? I made a brand new logo and everything:


It’s a Mikerophone.


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