VIDEO: Channel 404 News

Boom. With that little video I finally got off my duff and started a youtube channel. These are exciting times people.

That's the spirit, Hilary.

That’s the spirit, Hilary.

Now look, I know that that video isn’t going to win me an Emmy. I mean, I messed up the green screen and only got one take because my audio broke. But, I’m still proud of it because I finally feel like I’m moving again. I had been making an hour of content almost every week for four years and then suddenly stopped. I felt a like a train that had run out of track and then got fat and lazy by watching Bob’s Burgers all day.

Not my best metaphor, but you get the point.

Not my best metaphor, but you get the point.

It wasn’t all bad, I did need to take a break from comedy for a while. College had wound me up a little too tight and I needed to cool off a bit. So I did, and now I want to get back in the game. I have to push myself to make more stuff if I’m ever going to figure out what my real comedic “voice” is. I want to find out what, if anything, actually sets me apart in this comedy game. I just don’t want to be another “Standard White Dude,” comedy doesn’t really need anymore of those.

Then it's everything.

Stock photography, on the other hand needs lots of them.

Anyway, the video itself was fun to shoot. Super guerrilla style too, we used reflector cards made out of tinfoil, a green screen from Staples paper, and the camera was just my iPhone. Bet you couldn’t tell though. And if you could, well…uh…suck it, nerd.

We can't all be as cool as you, ok?

Why don’t you go back to your home on Whore Island?


I will be getting better (i.e. real) equipment at some point, so my videos will look more professional eventually. But the important thing here is that I am super stoked to be making weekly videos again and I hope you guys all keep watching them. And a big thank you to my friends for helping me put this together: PJ, Scott, and Courtney, you guys rock.

Ours is a bond only a tumblr pic could fully describe.

Ours is a bond only a tumblr pic could fully describe.

And this blog will also be a little more active, really, I promise, for real, honestly, I’m being super serial this time. I’m going to post one of my scripts here this week, since there’s no way it will ever be made. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you read it.


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