Read The Sketch That Made NBC Pay Attention To Me

Yea, crazy right? How’s that for a clickbait-y headline. It was that or, “NBC liked Mike for one reason, you’ll never guess what it is.”

It was his ability to fight and subdue grizzly bears.

“It was his ability to fight and subdue grizzly bears.”

Anyway, some context for all this. Each January, NBC does this super cool program called the “Late Night Writers Workshop” and I applied for it. You have to submit a packet with jokes, bits, and some full blown sketches. Long story short I got in, it was awesome, and I highly recommend you apply yourself.

That's my pile of candy wrappers because food was free and I'm a writer.

You can’t see me, but you can see my trash. That’s probably a metaphor or something.

Now, here’s the thing, the sketch I wrote can never be produced. I chose to lampoon the NSA scandal (super dated by now) and Elf on the Shelf (it’s not christmas time anymore). Which is sad, because it’s probably one of the only sketches I’ve ever written where I think to myself, “Good job man, that’s pretty clever.”

I rewarded myself by eating  a whole cake and only hating myself a little.

I rewarded myself with diabetes.

Since it’s never going to be produced for logistical reasons, I figure it can’t hurt to at least put it on here. So now, for your viewing pleasure and so you can say to yourself, “Wow, really? That’s all it took?” here’s is my sketch:

The Elf on Shelf Agency

(by the way don’t steal it, it is copyrighted. Just be cool people)

And if you have any questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer them!



  1. Hey, I’m going to apply for NBC’s Late Night Writers Workshop for 2016. I have two questions. First, can you go into detail about what you and the other participants did during the Workshop? Like, what did the two days consist of. Also, where did you get most of your sources for the monologue material? Was it mostly news sources, or pop culture outlets. Congrats on making it into the program, btw, I’ve heard it’s really competitive. One last question, what has the experience done for you as far as your path in comedy is concerned?

    1. Hey man, just shoot me an email!

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