Samantha Bee’s trailer shows everything wrong with late night

That opening line might be the best one I’ve ever heard, “You know, when I take a look at each piece individually, I like it. Then when I take a step back, I feel like something’s missing.” Boom.

See, in late night TV, we got ourselves a bit of an issue in that it’s pretty much all hosted by white dudes. Diversity might as well be an old wooden ship as far as networks are concerned; and viewing audiences are starting to notice. Comedy Central is paving the way in terms of racial diversity with both its 11:00 and 11:30 slots going to black comedians, but they’re still both dudes.

It's not so much a pie chart as it is a circle.

It’s not so much a pie chart as it is a circle.

There is such an pervasive idea in TV that a lady in late night just won’t work. Networks are so skittish about having a girl host a show because they are convinced that she will alienate all the male viewers with her weird “GURL POWER!!” As if some form of first wave feminism will come crashing down onto their studio like a herd of wild unshaven arm pits.


So what’s to be done about this nonsense? Samantha Bee is freaking what. You know what I love about that trailer? There’s nothing to be offended by unless you are an idiot. She nails the industry’s sexism without devolving into attacks on performers (well, maybe she does if you count the Corden bit, but to be fair, who the fuck IS that guy?). She just said the truth: Yes, each show is great, but as a whole, the genre needs the perspective of the other half of the population.

And no, that one show didn't come close to representing the entire female population.

And no, this one show didn’t come close to meeting that lofty goal.

That opening line shows me that Samantha Bee knows what is up and who needs to go down. She doesn’t attack the players, she hits the game. No one will fault a guy for dreaming about hosting a TV show and working towards that dream, but we sure as shit can whack the industry for never listening to the girls with those very same dreams.

Long story short: This trailer proved Samantha Bee is gonna kick some ass.


I put up my second video last week, and I really think you guys will enjoy it. It’s quick too, so why not give it a click?

And look for my next video, a Dad Bod parody, going up on monday night!


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