Whaaaaaat’s happening: TOLNG update

Ok so right off the bat, TOLNG is a stupid acronym for this site (The Other Late Night Guy), probably will never call it that again. But there have been some changes around here so I just thought I’d take this lull in postings to let you know how things are going.

Weekly Videos

So far so good, it’s been about a month and I’ve managed to stick to the schedule. I’ve got over 1,000 views, which means nothing but boy howdy does that look cool. I’m also told they’re getting better each week, which is also a way of saying they started off really shitty, but let’s stay positive. I’m still experimenting with style, so the sketches are a bit all over the place, but I’m hoping to start releasing regular talking head segments like Cracked’s shows, where I’ll sort of just shout my opinions at you. I have a few ideas right now, hopefully those will form up into some sort of plan in the coming weeks.

The face of a man with a plan.

The face of a man with a plan.


Some of you may have noticed that in addition to posting about late night videos and news, I’ve also started printing satire articles. As I said a while ago, this site is going to evolve with me as I figure out what the hell my comedic voice is, so I’ll probably experiment with various types of humor writing. I’ve always loved satire, so I figured that might be a fun thing to write about. And more importantly, Michael Giaccino favorited the satire piece I wrote about him, so I can’t stop now.

I made the man who scored "The Incredibles" chuckle. Suck it world.

I made the man who scored “The Incredibles” chuckle. Suck it world.

Goals and what not 

As far as youtube, I’d love to hit 3,000 views and 50 subscribers by next month, I think that’s pretty reasonable. So if you have a youtube account, you should lend me a hand with that. As for this site, I’m hoping to get a few other writers to collaborate with on here and be a little more active in general. I might also start posting articles made up of just jokes, who knows. I guess things have been going really well up to this point, and I’m just hoping to build on that. By the way, to all of the people watching and reading this stuff, thanks a ton. It’s really hard to kick a new thing off, so all the support has been a huge help.

Any ideas or comments on all the stuff I’ve been doing would be cool, so don’t hesitate to say something in the comments down below!


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