Woman Successfully Waits Until Oven Fully Preheated Before Putting In Food



GEORGIA- Kathleen McCloud, 46, is being praised as a local hero after she waited for the oven to preheat fully before putting her family’s dinner in.

Her husband Rick had nothing but praise for his wife. “I always knew she was a special woman. This just proves it.”

Rick told us that his wife was preparing dinner just like any other night but he could sense something was different. “I watch her preheat the oven for 450 degrees. I was expecting her to put the food in around 350 or 400 but she just kept waiting. She was just so patient. I knew I was watching history.”

The mother of two also received compliments from her children. Her oldest daughter Sarah was quoted as saying, “I just thought meats were supposed to be frozen in the middle, but now I know better.” 10-year-old Danny also took something away from that special dinner, “Seeing my mom have a goal and accomplish it just inspired me. I even started to study harder!”

Kathleen’s celebrity continues to flourish. The Food Network has contacted her and offered her a series where she shows her tricks to waiting for the oven to preheat.


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