Area Dad Quickly Googles Child’s Reference to Appear Hip Over Text


WESTBROOK, CT- “I’m not going to lie to you people, that was certainly a photo finish,” Paul Bringham, 52, told reporters after the incident. The trouble started when texted his daughter that he was thinking of getting enriched fertilizer for his yard, instead of the regular fertilizer.

At which point, she texted him, “sure do it for the vine.” That’s when things got dicey. Paul thought his daughter would know that he wouldn’t want to encourage the growth of a vine along his newly power-washed vinyl house siding.

Acting on that hunch, Bringham entered the curious phrase into Google, whereupon he learned that in the common vernacular it meant, “Do a crazy act and then capture the event on the mobile video recording application known as ‘Vine.’”

Paul quickly texted back, “No way! No more downloads on this month’s data plan, please.” Everything turned out ok when his daughter texted him back 3 hours later with “haha.”

At press time, Mr. Bringham was finishing a text to his daughter with, “Love, Mom and Dad.”


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