Teenage Couple Does One More Lap Around The Mall To Prove Love



NORTHAMPTON, MA- The new hottest couple at Northampton High, Chad and Amanda, were spotted walking around the local mall on Friday. Prime date night.

Eyewitnesses said the teens were  holding hands near Hot Topic. Matthew Smith, the assistant manager at the Spencers next door, spotted the couple several times during the night. “They enjoyed a nice dinner at Taco Bell and then made their way to Barnes and Noble where they perused the graphic novel section. They even took a couple of selfies which will definitely get at least 30 likes.”

But Smith says that what the couple decided to do while leaving his store really impressed him. “They were getting ready to leave when Chad told her they should go one more time around the mall. Now, I’ve seen my fair share of teens on dates at the mall. Most do three laps, tops. But these two must have been on their sixth. Six laps. No group, just the two of them. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.”

Amanda’s dad picked the two up in his Honda Odyssey 30 minutes after that and they left hand in hand. The couple broke up the following Thursday.


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