Square-LogoMike Cronin really became interested in Late Night when he went to SUNY Purchase. He started a late night talk show, Purchase Late Night, to help him cope with the stress of being an opera major. After two years he left the opera program because it was legitimately giving him neuroses, and decided to settle into the stress free environment of a life in television.

He built PLN into the largest show in campus history and upon graduation he gave it to a freshmen to continue the legacy and hopefully inspire her to a life of television as well. He currently resides in New York City as a freelance/cue card writer.

This site is mostly for me to post any writing I do, so it’ll screw heavily into satire articles and sketches I couldn’t possibly produce on my own. Or maybe some essays. I have no idea, because frankly, every time I say what I’m gonna do here, I don’t wind up doing it. SO just poke around, and shoot me a message or something if you have a question.


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