BY-KELLIE WOOD NEW YORK- A local man has finally finished the critically acclaimed drama Breaking Bad but says finishing the series has brought more stress into his life. “It’s difficult because I can’t talk about it. All my friends and family finished the series a long time ago and have moved on. I haven’t.” The […]

SOUTH CAROLINA-Immediately after announcing the suspension of his campaign, Jeb Bush was seen dialing the Prince of Hell backstage at his final rally. Jeb began to speak to the Dark Lord when it seemed as though he had been tricked by a false-answer voice mail message. After the beep finally sounded, an exasperated Jeb Bush […]

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NEW YORK-In the wake of almost daily tragedies, one heart has had enough. “Look, I’m glad that I keep going out to the victims of tragedies, but jeez, I need a break.” The Heart was on its way home from going out to the victims of the Planned Parenthood shooting when it got the call […]

Ok so right off the bat, TOLNG is a stupid acronym for this site (The Other Late Night Guy), probably will never call it that again. But there have been some changes around here so I just thought I’d take this lull in postings to let you know how things are going. Weekly Videos So […]

LOS ANGELES- The hype around the arrival of the seventh installation of the Star Wars franchise peaked earlier this week with John Williams’ admission that the new score will prominently feature kazoos. “If you play them really loud they tickle your lips, how great is that?” Williams responded when he was asked how he came […]

“You know its just so sad to see him go,” Said Mike Wallace, 42, after skimming through another article about David Letterman’s retirement. “I admit I haven’t really watched his show recently, but I used to when I was in college. Sometimes, I don’t know, it was on really late, and I drank a lot […]